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Spritzer Hooker is Cashing In! March 17, 2008

Ashley Alexandra Dupre, 22, has gained extreme publicity after the news broke that she was charging Governor Spritzer $4000 a month for sex, and now she is cashing in on her new found fame. Dupre is not only a prostitute, but also an amateur singer, so she made two of her singles available for purchase on Arnie Street. Her two singles, which haven’t received good reviews, have grossed over $200,000 for this young prostitute. If her music career goes downhill, which looks as though it might, she also has the option of modeling for Hustler magazine for a reported $1 million! Dupre will also be able to exploit her story and write a book or book a movie deal. Who knew that whoring yourself out for a Governor could make you so much money; so all you prostitutes that are banging a politician, take note!