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Please Heidi, No More Singing: Miss Honestee on “No More” March 25, 2008

Heidi Montag, what do we say about poor little Heidi?  Before I delve into her new single “No More” and its “vibe”, let me just sum up Heidi.  First of all, after watching the Hills premiere last night, it is obvious that Heidi is morphing into the typical blonde haired Hollywood poser.  She has a new set of fake boobs, a nice new straight nose and her lips looks like they were plumped recently.  It is just so sad to see her milk her little fame she has gotten from the Hills, hoping now to  become a pop star.  If another reality star tries to go mainstream and make it big, I think Hollywood is going to explode.  The only thing I will give Heidi props on, is her assertion with Spencer.  She is actually voicing her needs and frustration pretty well with him.  She may not be able to stay strong against Hollywood‘s influence, but she is able to stay strong in her relationship.

So now about her new single, “No More“; it is definitely a step up from her last dreadful single, “Higher“, which was ripped apart by the music industry.  “No More” has the typical catchy pop sound, but the singing is so shallow and hollow.  I don’t think Heidi’s voice is capable of any range because her voice stays the same tone the entire song.  The lyrics express Heidi’s frustration over being treated poorly in a relationship, but her voice does not echo any pain or frustration; her voice is just empty.  The tone is not horrible, but it is just boring and has a mild trance feel.  Heidi’s songNo More” has no distinguishable qualities and is only mildly entertaining.

Do you agree with me?  Do you think her single is another trainwreck, or does it have some redeeming qualitites?


Just another night out in Hollywood… March 10, 2008

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We all know that we do silly things when we drink. So why not take pictures of drunk people, then make fun of them? Enjoy your night out in Hollywood


Now boys, listen carefully, if a woman ever makes this face when she is with you, keep doing whatever you are doing. And you missy, spread the love, I’m sure the other ladies want to have a turn on the couch.


Don’t you hate peer pressure? Just because she is grabbing his ass, now he wants me too. Why did I ever get off the couch tonight? I could totally be watching American Idol right now…


It’s the amazing “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” girls; one has boobs that defy gravity and point upward and the other has unbelievably orange skin. Can we say freaky?


Waabamm! Move over Pamela Anderson, we have a new set of boobs, I mean, a new girl in town. Don’t squeeze too hard, we don’t want those babies to pop, how else are you going to find your mealticket?


“Yo fellas, the table is in the back. But make sure you wear your shades, the dim light here in the club can be so bright sometimes. You don’t think this bandana is too busy for my shirt do you? Darnnit, I knew the bandana was too much for this outfit.”


Ladies and Gentlemen, I think we just discovered our next Pantene Pro-V model. Ugh, those damn actors in Hollywood are always trying to get noticed.


I can’t figure it out, do we call her sexy or should we recruit her to host the next drag queen show in West Hollywood? Either way, I think she wants to eat me alive.


Hey look, it’s a dancing red-headed Kate Hudson look-alike and older version of Taye Diggs on the streets of Hollywood; you go girl, shake it like it’s hot, shake it like it’s hot…


Don’t worry honey, no one is watching, give that ass a little scratch. My, oh my, how we love ourselves a little white dress; scratch that ass all you want, little darling.