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Please Heidi, No More Singing: Miss Honestee on “No More” March 25, 2008

Heidi Montag, what do we say about poor little Heidi?  Before I delve into her new single “No More” and its “vibe”, let me just sum up Heidi.  First of all, after watching the Hills premiere last night, it is obvious that Heidi is morphing into the typical blonde haired Hollywood poser.  She has a new set of fake boobs, a nice new straight nose and her lips looks like they were plumped recently.  It is just so sad to see her milk her little fame she has gotten from the Hills, hoping now to  become a pop star.  If another reality star tries to go mainstream and make it big, I think Hollywood is going to explode.  The only thing I will give Heidi props on, is her assertion with Spencer.  She is actually voicing her needs and frustration pretty well with him.  She may not be able to stay strong against Hollywood‘s influence, but she is able to stay strong in her relationship.

So now about her new single, “No More“; it is definitely a step up from her last dreadful single, “Higher“, which was ripped apart by the music industry.  “No More” has the typical catchy pop sound, but the singing is so shallow and hollow.  I don’t think Heidi’s voice is capable of any range because her voice stays the same tone the entire song.  The lyrics express Heidi’s frustration over being treated poorly in a relationship, but her voice does not echo any pain or frustration; her voice is just empty.  The tone is not horrible, but it is just boring and has a mild trance feel.  Heidi’s songNo More” has no distinguishable qualities and is only mildly entertaining.

Do you agree with me?  Do you think her single is another trainwreck, or does it have some redeeming qualitites?


Heidi and Spencer at a Lakers Game March 12, 2008



So Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, our favorite reality villains, hit up a Lakers game the other day, along with Tobey Maguire on the far right. So it looks like Heidi got the LA memo and is dressed to impress for a mere Lakers game; what I hate is how these celebrity woman dress in stilettos and legging, or knee high boots just to watch a sporting event. I think Heidi looks ridiculous, not only because her outfit is horrendous, but because she actually thinks she looks appropriate for a Lakers game. Why can’t all celebrities be like Tobey and wear casual attire to a casual event? I think we would all agree that Heidi has 100% gotten caught up in the LA “scene”, poor poor girl.

And don’t miss this season of the Hills; it is rumored that Spencer actually cheated on dear Heidi when they split temporarily. Heidi says “that her and Spencer have different definitions of cheating.” Ahhh, I can’t wait for the juice to begin!



Guess Who?! Celebrity Asses March 7, 2008

So we think we know celebrities, but do we really? Below are some fabulous ass shots, so can you put a face to the butt? Trust me it is harder than you think.

Good luck!


Hint: Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, Heidi Montag