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How is Silda Spitzer surviving the scandal? March 18, 2008

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So everyone has heard about Governor Spitzer and how spent thousands of dollars on escorts, maybe even taxpayer’s money, but what about his wife Silda Spitzer? How has she been holding up? The only time anyone sees Silda is when she is solemnly standing next her husband while he gives is “I’m ashamed” speeches; so why has she not kicked his ass to the curb? Friends of Silda claim that maybe Silda has wanted to leave Eliot but she took a vow for “better or for worse”, so she is staying true to her words. Silda is described as a very honorable woman who takes her marriage very seriously. Furthermore, Silda is still in complete shock and hasn’t wanted to make any hasty decisions. “She’s in a state of shock right now and she’s not going to make any hasty decisions,” adds high school friend Lina Gibson of Concord, N.C. “She’s not going to throw 20 years of marriage away based on one week of reports. She has to wait until this does down and decide what she wants to do, not what the media decides she should do.” Silda probably is struggling with the infidelity like most men or woman would; you know you should leave your partner because you do deserve better, but your whole life is wrapped up in them, so is it really worth starting all over? Silda has probably dedicated her entire life to her husbands career, forgetting herself in the process, so it would be especially difficult for her to leave him. Regardless of what decision she makes, I do feel for the woman, her husband humiliated her in front of the nation because he wanted to f&#k a prostitute. So the Spitzer saga continues…just another day in politics…