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Another Trainwreck in the Making; Jamie Lynn Spears is Engaged! March 25, 2008


I am going to try to write this post without sounding too cynical, I know I probably won’t succeed, but come on, how am I not suppose to sound cynical when reporting on pregnant 16-year old Jamie Lynn Spears and her recent engagement to her 18-year old boyfriend. PEOPLE.com has reported that Jamie Lynn Spears is sporting a new engagement ring given to her by her 18-year old boyfriend, Casey Aldridge.  The world was shocked earlier this year when Jamie Lynn admitted to the world that she was pregnant; how could the prim and proper, younger sister of famous train-wreck, Britney Spears, be so irresponsible and get pregnant in the midst of a flourishing career?  Jamie Lynn is double, no wait, triple, irresponsible because not only did she get pregnant at 16, but she did it right in the middle of a flourishing career, and now she is adding to the mess by getting engaged to her teenage boyfriend.  Why add to the chaos of a teenage pregnancy by getting married


Hospital fires snooping Britney employees… March 16, 2008

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UCLA medical center is firing several employees, more than thirteen, because they were snooping through Britney Spears’s private medical records concerning her psych visit earlier this year. Twelve other employees, including several doctors, will be disciplined for looking at Britney’s confidential computer records. This isn’t the first problem Britney has had with snooping; in 2005 several employees were fired for snooping after the birth of Sean Preston. Don’t people understand that Britney Spears is just a person, not a freaking God!! Why sacrifice your reputation and job to just find out why Britney is loosing her mind?


Britney Spears Has $1,500 Week Allowance March 11, 2008


Britney Spears may be worth over $100 million, but today the Los Angeles Superior Court ruled that she will be given a debit card and has a $1,500 week allowance. The judge also ruled that two new specialist attorneys be hired to help Britney while she is under co-conservatory; basically Britney has failed to prove that she is capable of running her life, so she now is legally required to have help and is on an allowance like a teenager. It looks extremely pathetic that a grown woman, one of the most famous people in the world, has to be on an allowance and have attorneys to babysit her, but to anyone who has ever hit rock-bottom, including yours truly, sometimes, no matter what your age, you need someone to take over until you can get yourself back up; so we all feel for you Britney!

It wasn’t K-Fed’s day in court either; the same day Brit was getting an allowance order, it was ruled in a separate court that K-Fed will now have to pay his own legal fees. It was previously ruled that Britney was responsible for K-Fed’s legal bills, but K-Fed’s recent extravagant spending, like tipping $2000 on a $365 bill, prompted Britney’s lawyers to argue that K-Fed is abusing the previous ruling. Looks like K-Fed needs to man up and just foot the bill. I think we would all agree that he doesn’t really deserve the money he has already gotten from Brit, so now he is really walking on thin ice.


Britney apologizes to her fans… February 28, 2008

Maybe its the song, or maybe it’s my compassion for Britney, but this video makes me really sad. Check it out and see what you think….


A good day for Britney Spears! February 23, 2008


Mother Britney Spears finally gets to see her sons Preston, 2, and Jayden, 1, today for the first time since January 3rd! Although many have questioned Britney’s mother skills, I think we all would agree that her kids need to see their mother so this was probably a good move for the kids. After Kevin and Britney’s lawyers agreed on a visitation agreement yesterday, Kevin sent the two boys off with his bodyguard and they were delivered to Spear’s Studio City home. Spear’s psychiatrist was present for the 3 hour visit.