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Dieing Man Inspires Oprah March 12, 2008

What would you do if you had only months to live? Randy Pausch is a dieing man and will die in a couple of months; Pausch suffers from aggressive pancreatic cancer and his cancer has returned after surgery, chemo and radiation; doctors tell him he only has months to live. Pausch has three young children and is a popular Professor at Carnegie Mellon University. What has made Pausch famous is his final lecture he gave to his students. His lecture is now being downloaded online all across the world. People from all over are inspired that a man who has months to live, a man who will leave his young children behind, can be so inspirational and positive. His inspiring words have become so famous that Oprah celebrated him on her show and had him give his final lecture that has made him so famous. The following video is his “final lecture“; it is truly powerful, inspirational and mildly depressing. I promise you it will make you rethink your life and appreciate all that you have.