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Dancing with the Star’s Julianne Hough is a Virgin March 6, 2008

Julianne Hough, the hottest dancer on Dancing with the Stars, told Cosmo magazine this last month that she is a virgin, and plans to remain a virgin until her wedding night. Hough, 19, broke off her engagement last year and admits that she tried to mingle and date in Hollywood, but always felt like an outsider, “I tried to go out and mingle with people in the industry and date people, but I felt I was different than most of them,” she says. “I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs, so those things immediately separate me. It’s all very enticing, though.” Hough believes that one’s virginity is a very personal decision, but sharing sex with only one person will prove to be the best decision in the long run. Hough is very brave to reveal such a personal decision to Cosmo and I hope her words can inspire young girls to stay to true to themselves; whether that is to stay a virgin, or not. Hough is still very young at 19, so her ideas may be idealistic, but hopefully she can stay true to her words and we won’t see her in rehab in five years.