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Would Lohan make Marilyn Monroe proud? February 23, 2008

Lohan Poses Nude as Marily Monroe

Teen “it girl”, turned Hollywood bad girl, Lindsay Lohan has caused controversy yet again by posing nude in the New Yorker. Recreating Marilyn Monroe’s 1962 final shoot with Bill Stern, Lohan dons a short blond wig and little else. These very revealing, but “artistic” photographs, definitely solidify Lohan as a grown women; she has officially left her tween existence. I use the word “artistic” because although Lohan is obviously nude, the subtle props of scarves, flowers and sheets create a classy and soft pictorial. Not quick showing anything specific below the belt, the pictures do clearly show Lohan’s freckled breasts; which I am sure will convince any doubters about the authenticity of her cleavage. Her body looks healthy and fit and covered with her signature red-head freckles. Many might be surprised that Lohan did not debut her first nude pictorial in Playboy, but instead opted for the New Yorker, but given her recent strides towards reinvention and health, it is understandable and appropriate that Lohan would try to legitimize herself as an artist. I must admit that I don’t think Lohan was the right candidate to represent such an icon because she lacks the true sultry sex appeal that Marilyn Monroe is still famous for. I think Lohan’s photographs were pretty and complimentary but lacked the depth that I believe a more legitimate actress or model would have captured. I give Lindsay props on trying to reinvent her image, but I don’t think she would make Marilyn Monroe proud.