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Awkward Performance by Brooke White on American Idol March 19, 2008

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So last week I had nothing but praise for Brooke White and her awesome performance of the Beatles hit, “Let it Be”. This week was a different story; She still is my favorite contestant, I still think she is as cute as button, but her performance on this week’s American Idol was horrendous! Brooke sang the Beatles hit “Here Comes the Sun” and it was awkward, awkward and awkward! She looked pretty in her flowing yellow dress, but between her non-rhythmic dancing and her lack of soul, it was just a shallow performance. We all know that Brooke can deliver soul and depth, because her performance last week delivered, so it was especially disappointing that she failed miserably this week. All the judges told her that her performance looked forced and uncomfortable, and Brooke, in her sweet fashion, said the criticism was okay because the judges have been so nice to her in the past. Brooke is so sweet, because even when the judges were criticizing her she was still gracious and down to earth. I really believe that if she wins the competition she would never take her celebrity for granted and would not let herself get caught up in the Hollywood “scene”. I still have faith that Brooke will pull through and dazzle us next week.

So do you agree with me? Do you think Brooke has what it takes to dominate American Idol?


“Bleeding Love” My new favorite song! March 18, 2008

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So Leona Lewis has already swept the UK with her album “Spirit”, winning awards, topping the charts and dazzling audiences with her heart wrenching single “Bleeding Love”. “Bleeding Love” is a gorgeous song that really captures the desperation love brings out in a person. Ladies, you really are going to relate to this song if you have ever had your sanity tested by being in love; waiting by the phone, thinking your life is going to end if he doesn’t call and enduring the constant criticism from those around you. Okay, so the song may be a tad dramatic, but I must admit that’s why I love it. I don’t know what that says about me….

Enjoy the agony, tell me what you think!


Rihanna’s New Single “Take a Bow” March 17, 2008

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Rihanna has done it again! Her new singleTake a Bow” which she debuted on LA’s 102.7, has the makings of hit. It has her signature edgy voice and a catchy chorus. As an self-proclaimed pop-aholic, I absolutely love this tune! Rihanna’s words are sassy and radiate attitude, a perfect woman’s anthem! The song illustrates what a woman feels when she catches her man in a lie and how infuriating his “too little, too late” apology feels after the fact. Well take a listen and please let me know what you think!