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Dieing Man Inspires Oprah March 12, 2008

What would you do if you had only months to live? Randy Pausch is a dieing man and will die in a couple of months; Pausch suffers from aggressive pancreatic cancer and his cancer has returned after surgery, chemo and radiation; doctors tell him he only has months to live. Pausch has three young children and is a popular Professor at Carnegie Mellon University. What has made Pausch famous is his final lecture he gave to his students. His lecture is now being downloaded online all across the world. People from all over are inspired that a man who has months to live, a man who will leave his young children behind, can be so inspirational and positive. His inspiring words have become so famous that Oprah celebrated him on her show and had him give his final lecture that has made him so famous. The following video is his “final lecture“; it is truly powerful, inspirational and mildly depressing. I promise you it will make you rethink your life and appreciate all that you have.


Preview:Oprah’s Big Giveaway Show March 1, 2008

Most everyone by now has probably seen the commercials advertising Oprah’s Big Giveaway reality show that premiers March 2nd on abc. The commercials don’t quite explain everything, so I did a little research. Here is the lowdown:

The Big Giveaway is a reality show following 10 contestants as they try to out-give each other. Each contestant is given thousands of dollars to give away to those in need; the contestants try to figure out the best way to help these people, because the competition is to be the best and most innovative “giver“. What the ten contestant don’t know is that whoever does the best job giving will win 1 million dollars! There are three judges who will be responsible for critiquing how the contestants use their money. Oprah recruited Nate Burkes, her favorite decorator, to host the show. Malaak Compton-Rock is one of the three judges, she is wife of comedian Chris Rock and has years of experience in charity work. Tony Gonzalez, one of the best tight ends to ever play in the NFL, wowed Oprah with his work with the Shadow Buddies Foundation, so he will be a judge. And last, but not least, Jamie Oliver, famous for his success on Naked Chef, will sit in the third judging chair.

Is the Big Giveaway just another feel-good reality show, or will the competition between who can out-give each other make this show something different? Oprah usually is the best at whatever she does, so I wonder if this show will live up to her name.