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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s Twin’s Debut! March 23, 2008

Well Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez decided to cooperate with the media and actually release pictures of their new twins to People magazine instead of being constantly stalked by the paparazzi until pictures were captured. Max and Emma, born February 22, look exactly like Marc; considering Marc is definitely the less attractive half and Jennifer is gorgeous, it is unfortunate that the twins take after him in the looks department, but hopefully they will grow out of it. Either way, it is exacting to see what these celebrated newborns look like!

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez Reveal Baby Names! March 1, 2008

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It was confirmed today that the famous couple’s twins are named Max and Emme. The twins were born on February 22, Emme born first at 5 lb. 7 oz. and Max followed at 6 lbs. I can’t wait to see what the twins look like; lets just hope they take after their mom in the looks department. Sorry Marc, your wife is just way hotter than you are.