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It was a black and boring Academy Awards… February 25, 2008




It was black, black and more black at the Oscars tonight. I would say the majority played it safe tonight, and donned dark simply cut dresses that really did not impress me at all. Ellen Page, third from left, is barely 21, and is the new and upcoming actress; so tell me why she looks like she is going out to a cocktail party and not the Academy Awards!! Yes this, vintage black Jean Louis Scherrer dress with the natural pearl and rock crystal rondelle Fred Leighton chain, creates a pretty look, but not nearly glamorous for the Academy Awards. Ellen could have easily looked awesome, she is cute as could be, but she played it safe and looks under-dressed.

Penelope looked gorgeous, because she is naturally gorgeous, but her dress eats her alive. She is a tiny woman and there seems to be to many things going on with this dress, and it takes away from her naturally beautiful body. I did not like her hair; it was halfway pulled up, and reminded me of an outdated high school look. Sorry Penelope, you could have done better.

Jennifer Garner, second from left, looked great tonight! I wish she hadn’t worn black, and I wish there had been more going on with her dress, but I absolutely loved her hair tied up and her jewelry was perfect!

Hillary Swank’s dress has a gorgeous neckline, but what is going on with her hair?? I think she was trying to not take the focus off her gorgeous dress so she had very plain hair, but it looks old and boring. I think she could have done something a little more sophisticated and still kept it simple. Hillary has great sculpted shoulders so she was the right person to have that intricate neckline.