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Another Trainwreck in the Making; Jamie Lynn Spears is Engaged! March 25, 2008


I am going to try to write this post without sounding too cynical, I know I probably won’t succeed, but come on, how am I not suppose to sound cynical when reporting on pregnant 16-year old Jamie Lynn Spears and her recent engagement to her 18-year old boyfriend. PEOPLE.com has reported that Jamie Lynn Spears is sporting a new engagement ring given to her by her 18-year old boyfriend, Casey Aldridge.  The world was shocked earlier this year when Jamie Lynn admitted to the world that she was pregnant; how could the prim and proper, younger sister of famous train-wreck, Britney Spears, be so irresponsible and get pregnant in the midst of a flourishing career?  Jamie Lynn is double, no wait, triple, irresponsible because not only did she get pregnant at 16, but she did it right in the middle of a flourishing career, and now she is adding to the mess by getting engaged to her teenage boyfriend.  Why add to the chaos of a teenage pregnancy by getting married


Please Heidi, No More Singing: Miss Honestee on “No More”

Heidi Montag, what do we say about poor little Heidi?  Before I delve into her new single “No More” and its “vibe”, let me just sum up Heidi.  First of all, after watching the Hills premiere last night, it is obvious that Heidi is morphing into the typical blonde haired Hollywood poser.  She has a new set of fake boobs, a nice new straight nose and her lips looks like they were plumped recently.  It is just so sad to see her milk her little fame she has gotten from the Hills, hoping now to  become a pop star.  If another reality star tries to go mainstream and make it big, I think Hollywood is going to explode.  The only thing I will give Heidi props on, is her assertion with Spencer.  She is actually voicing her needs and frustration pretty well with him.  She may not be able to stay strong against Hollywood‘s influence, but she is able to stay strong in her relationship.

So now about her new single, “No More“; it is definitely a step up from her last dreadful single, “Higher“, which was ripped apart by the music industry.  “No More” has the typical catchy pop sound, but the singing is so shallow and hollow.  I don’t think Heidi’s voice is capable of any range because her voice stays the same tone the entire song.  The lyrics express Heidi’s frustration over being treated poorly in a relationship, but her voice does not echo any pain or frustration; her voice is just empty.  The tone is not horrible, but it is just boring and has a mild trance feel.  Heidi’s songNo More” has no distinguishable qualities and is only mildly entertaining.

Do you agree with me?  Do you think her single is another trainwreck, or does it have some redeeming qualitites?


Is Nicole really 5 months pregnant?? March 23, 2008

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After I saw the pictures of Nicole Kidman at the Academy awards, I could have sworn she was not four months pregnant, because she was barely showing! But now TMZ.com agrees with me; they just released this photo stating that “Nicole does not look five months pregnant, but merely looks like she has gas!” So I am not the only one that thinks Nicole is a pregnancy phenomenon; at five months most woman looks like bloated whales, no offense ladies, but you know it’s true. But not Nicole, she just looks like she had a heavy lunch.

Maybe at month seven she will finally blow up and look like a normal pregnant woman…

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s Twin’s Debut!

Well Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez decided to cooperate with the media and actually release pictures of their new twins to People magazine instead of being constantly stalked by the paparazzi until pictures were captured. Max and Emma, born February 22, look exactly like Marc; considering Marc is definitely the less attractive half and Jennifer is gorgeous, it is unfortunate that the twins take after him in the looks department, but hopefully they will grow out of it. Either way, it is exacting to see what these celebrated newborns look like!

How is Silda Spitzer surviving the scandal? March 18, 2008

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So everyone has heard about Governor Spitzer and how spent thousands of dollars on escorts, maybe even taxpayer’s money, but what about his wife Silda Spitzer? How has she been holding up? The only time anyone sees Silda is when she is solemnly standing next her husband while he gives is “I’m ashamed” speeches; so why has she not kicked his ass to the curb? Friends of Silda claim that maybe Silda has wanted to leave Eliot but she took a vow for “better or for worse”, so she is staying true to her words. Silda is described as a very honorable woman who takes her marriage very seriously. Furthermore, Silda is still in complete shock and hasn’t wanted to make any hasty decisions. “She’s in a state of shock right now and she’s not going to make any hasty decisions,” adds high school friend Lina Gibson of Concord, N.C. “She’s not going to throw 20 years of marriage away based on one week of reports. She has to wait until this does down and decide what she wants to do, not what the media decides she should do.” Silda probably is struggling with the infidelity like most men or woman would; you know you should leave your partner because you do deserve better, but your whole life is wrapped up in them, so is it really worth starting all over? Silda has probably dedicated her entire life to her husbands career, forgetting herself in the process, so it would be especially difficult for her to leave him. Regardless of what decision she makes, I do feel for the woman, her husband humiliated her in front of the nation because he wanted to f&#k a prostitute. So the Spitzer saga continues…just another day in politics…


Halle Berry has a Girl! March 17, 2008

Halle Berry and model boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey have a baby girl today!! “Everyone is doing great!” her rep announces on Sunday. Congratulations! Check back for updated details of the birth and child…

Spritzer Hooker is Cashing In!

Ashley Alexandra Dupre, 22, has gained extreme publicity after the news broke that she was charging Governor Spritzer $4000 a month for sex, and now she is cashing in on her new found fame. Dupre is not only a prostitute, but also an amateur singer, so she made two of her singles available for purchase on Arnie Street. Her two singles, which haven’t received good reviews, have grossed over $200,000 for this young prostitute. If her music career goes downhill, which looks as though it might, she also has the option of modeling for Hustler magazine for a reported $1 million! Dupre will also be able to exploit her story and write a book or book a movie deal. Who knew that whoring yourself out for a Governor could make you so much money; so all you prostitutes that are banging a politician, take note!