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Is Nicole really 5 months pregnant?? March 23, 2008

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After I saw the pictures of Nicole Kidman at the Academy awards, I could have sworn she was not four months pregnant, because she was barely showing! But now TMZ.com agrees with me; they just released this photo stating that “Nicole does not look five months pregnant, but merely looks like she has gas!” So I am not the only one that thinks Nicole is a pregnancy phenomenon; at five months most woman looks like bloated whales, no offense ladies, but you know it’s true. But not Nicole, she just looks like she had a heavy lunch.

Maybe at month seven she will finally blow up and look like a normal pregnant woman…

2 Responses to “Is Nicole really 5 months pregnant??”

  1. I don’t think Nicole has ever had a kid has she? Aren’t her other two adopted? I think it takes awhile to stretch out something that’s been stuck under a Moulin Rouge corsette for forever 🙂 Cute post! xoxoxo

  2. mshonestee Says:

    I am just weirded out that she is sooo incredibly skinny still. It’s not even natural that she is still stick thin…hhhmm…we will see if she ever balloons. BTW did you see my blogroll? I love you girl!

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