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Rihanna’s New Single “Take a Bow” March 17, 2008

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Rihanna has done it again! Her new singleTake a Bow” which she debuted on LA’s 102.7, has the makings of hit. It has her signature edgy voice and a catchy chorus. As an self-proclaimed pop-aholic, I absolutely love this tune! Rihanna’s words are sassy and radiate attitude, a perfect woman’s anthem! The song illustrates what a woman feels when she catches her man in a lie and how infuriating his “too little, too late” apology feels after the fact. Well take a listen and please let me know what you think!


One Response to “Rihanna’s New Single “Take a Bow””

  1. Lola Says:

    It’s sad that Rihanan had to take the Beyonce route once again. The story line, music and lyrical content is similar to Beyonce. Them ore I become a fan of Rihanna, the less respect I have for her, Because you see that she is basically Beyonce’s less talented clone. It’s like everything Rihanna does, you can see that her people got the idea from Beyonce. It makes me havem ore respect for Beyonce, because she being the original has spunn off so many clones. I mean if Rihanna wants to be seen as an original couldn’t she have done somethign different inspite of the beyonce comparisons.
    I just saw her show in london and oh my gosh this girl is shaking her booty and saying things exactly taken from The beyonce experience tour, it is so weird actually. I heard that hse went to Beyocne’s tour, and that is where she picked up all this, but if she copies so much where is her individuality? of ocurse beyocne could be her influence, beyonce has influences too. But shouldn’t you start trends and do different thigns too. and she gets mad that people call her a clone but when you look into it. I nearly dropped when trihanan said where my independent ladies at? taken right out of beyonce’s mouth

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