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Dieing Man Inspires Oprah March 12, 2008

What would you do if you had only months to live? Randy Pausch is a dieing man and will die in a couple of months; Pausch suffers from aggressive pancreatic cancer and his cancer has returned after surgery, chemo and radiation; doctors tell him he only has months to live. Pausch has three young children and is a popular Professor at Carnegie Mellon University. What has made Pausch famous is his final lecture he gave to his students. His lecture is now being downloaded online all across the world. People from all over are inspired that a man who has months to live, a man who will leave his young children behind, can be so inspirational and positive. His inspiring words have become so famous that Oprah celebrated him on her show and had him give his final lecture that has made him so famous. The following video is his “final lecture“; it is truly powerful, inspirational and mildly depressing. I promise you it will make you rethink your life and appreciate all that you have.


5 Responses to “Dieing Man Inspires Oprah”

  1. Rich Says:

    I disagree that Pausch’s remarks are “mildly depressing.” I find them OVERWHELMINGLY depressing. I feel no inspiration from the lecture; only depression.

  2. mshonestee Says:

    I can definitely agree understand that you might think his comments are depressing because he is on his deathbed. But I find his words so insightful; and I find him inspiring because instead of feeling sorry for himself because he is going to die, he is choosing to live life and spread his wisdom. Either way, thank you so much for your opinion!

  3. Rich Says:

    Actually, his remarks don’t depress me for the reason you cite; they depress me because I now know that the circumstances of my life are such that it is too late for me to ever realize my childhood dreams. I don’t find his words particularly insightful; he comes across to me as a human version of a self-help book. Don’t get me wrong; I can appreciate his positive attitude, and I can understand why many people are inspired by him. It’s just that he has the exact opposite effect on me. I feel much worse for having watched his lecture. (By the way, thank you for the friendly tone of your reply; too many people dismiss me as a worthless curmudgeon when I tell them how Pausch’s remarks make me feel, and I thank you for not joining their ranks.)

  4. de Selby Says:

    I will give credit where credit is due: The speech itself was exceptional and Randy Pausch is a very talented public speaker. However, I do not believe he is actually dying; I have never believed he is dying. I find it amazing that there are literally 1000s of webpages that refer to him as the “Dying professor” and his health has never even entered a state of deterioration. Seems to me that failing health should be a fundamental pre-requisite to being categorized as “dying”. The mindless acceptance of his words without any validation is the most amazing part of this entire story. It is almost like we have become a nation of zombies or Stepfords.

    At the top of this blog the blog owner wrote that Randy Pausch has only a few months to live. Does anyone else on the planet other than myself realize that Randy has been saying those same words over and over for nearly 8 months and that he has now profited millions from words that he knew to be lies the moment he spoke them? He has exploited his cancer story more than I have ever seen anyone exploit cancer in my life. I absolutely do not find him to be the admirable or heroic role model that everyone else believes him to be. It is easy to face death bravely when you were never really dying to begin with.

  5. mshonestee Says:

    Wow, I had never thought of that. I mean why would he exploit his family and “illness”? Maybe to make money, but I don’t think so. Hhhmm…I’ll have to think about that. I mean, you can still be “dying” even if you have more than a couple months to live. Either way, thanks so much for the fresh opinion! I always like reading comments that make me think about my beliefs and opinions.

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