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Heidi and Spencer at a Lakers Game March 12, 2008



So Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, our favorite reality villains, hit up a Lakers game the other day, along with Tobey Maguire on the far right. So it looks like Heidi got the LA memo and is dressed to impress for a mere Lakers game; what I hate is how these celebrity woman dress in stilettos and legging, or knee high boots just to watch a sporting event. I think Heidi looks ridiculous, not only because her outfit is horrendous, but because she actually thinks she looks appropriate for a Lakers game. Why can’t all celebrities be like Tobey and wear casual attire to a casual event? I think we would all agree that Heidi has 100% gotten caught up in the LA “scene”, poor poor girl.

And don’t miss this season of the Hills; it is rumored that Spencer actually cheated on dear Heidi when they split temporarily. Heidi says “that her and Spencer have different definitions of cheating.” Ahhh, I can’t wait for the juice to begin!



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