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Britney Spears Has $1,500 Week Allowance March 11, 2008


Britney Spears may be worth over $100 million, but today the Los Angeles Superior Court ruled that she will be given a debit card and has a $1,500 week allowance. The judge also ruled that two new specialist attorneys be hired to help Britney while she is under co-conservatory; basically Britney has failed to prove that she is capable of running her life, so she now is legally required to have help and is on an allowance like a teenager. It looks extremely pathetic that a grown woman, one of the most famous people in the world, has to be on an allowance and have attorneys to babysit her, but to anyone who has ever hit rock-bottom, including yours truly, sometimes, no matter what your age, you need someone to take over until you can get yourself back up; so we all feel for you Britney!

It wasn’t K-Fed’s day in court either; the same day Brit was getting an allowance order, it was ruled in a separate court that K-Fed will now have to pay his own legal fees. It was previously ruled that Britney was responsible for K-Fed’s legal bills, but K-Fed’s recent extravagant spending, like tipping $2000 on a $365 bill, prompted Britney’s lawyers to argue that K-Fed is abusing the previous ruling. Looks like K-Fed needs to man up and just foot the bill. I think we would all agree that he doesn’t really deserve the money he has already gotten from Brit, so now he is really walking on thin ice.


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