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Sex Does the Body Good March 26, 2008

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WebMD recently reported that sex does the body good and I think we’d all agree. The old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, should have really said “a lay a day keeps the doctor away”. Having sex, not even good sex, has proven to improve a person’s mental and physical health. The following, reported by WebMD, are seven reasons why you should have regular sex (but I’m talking about the healthy and protected sex, not the one night stand and loose your senses sex, just to clarify) so enjoy!

1. Sex Relieves Stress. Well this one is a given. Everyone knows that if you are anxious, stressed or upset in any way, having sex, even if you aren’t necessarily into it, will undoubtedly put you in a better mood. And if you doubt my words, read Biological Psychology which published an experiment of 24 woman and 22 men who were put in stressful situations; those who were having regular sex maintained lower blood pressure in the stressful situations compared to the people who weren’t having sex. Basically, having sex on a regular basis will keep your blood pressure down. So next time you want to tell your partner to “take a chill pill”, get naked instead!

2. Sex Boosts Immunity. WebMD reports that having sex once or twice a week, I know that’s a stretch for some, is linked to with higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A or IgA, which can protect you from getting colds and other infections. A experiment was done where a person’s saliva was tested for this specific antibody and those who had “frequent” sex, once or twice a week, had higher levels of the antibody than those who were abstinent. Next time you have the urge to pop a echinecia to cure your cold, pounce on your significant other instead; get those antibody levels up!

3. Sex Burns Calories. Don’t you just love this one? I mean, not only do you get to hopefully have the time of your life, you are actually getting thinner doing it. On average, thirty minutes of sex will burn 85 calories. Now remember this is an average; those “marathon nights” will definitely amount to more than 85 calories. So ladies, ride away…

4. Sex Improves Cardiovascular Health. Men listen to this one! For men, having sex twice or more a week, reduced the chance for a fatal heart attack by half! So not only can you be stoked that you are having sex twice or more a week, but you are going live longer because of it, giving you more time to have more mind blowing sex.

5. Sex Boosts Self Esteem. You know that silly smile that you can’t kick after a good romp, or the extra kick in your step after a night of passion, that’s your self-esteem boost. People have sex to feel better, to feel good. Having healthy sex leaves one feeling empowered and invigorated. After an amazing love fest, men feel like they are a God and women feel like they are the sexiest creature ever; if this isn’t self esteem boosting, I don’ t know what is. So maybe instead of your weekly therapy session, you should just have a night of marathon love-making.

6. Sex Improves Intimacy. WebMD reports, having sex and orgasms increases levels of the hormone oxytocin, the
so-called love hormone, which helps us bond and build trust. Researchers found that woman who have more physical contact with their husbands, hugging, kissing and having sex, had higher oxytocin levels. And the more oxytocin you have, the more love you will feel. Most people would agree that physical contact brings two people closer emotionally, but now it is proven that your body will literally feel more love with that extra contact.

7. Sex Helps You Sleep Better. Now this one is definitely a given. There is absolutely nothing more inviting than a nap after a nice orgasm. Researchers say that the hormone oxytocin, the love hormone, that is released during an orgasm helps a person sleep better. Not only will you be tired after sex from burning calories, improving your cardiovascular health, but now your hormones released will also force you into sleep. So next time ladies when you get peeved because man rolls over and nods off in a post sex cuddle, don’t take it personally, it’s that damn oxytocin!

Well if these seven reasons don’t encourage you to have sex tonight than I give up.  Now remember, “a lay a day will keep the doctor away”…


Another Trainwreck in the Making; Jamie Lynn Spears is Engaged! March 25, 2008


I am going to try to write this post without sounding too cynical, I know I probably won’t succeed, but come on, how am I not suppose to sound cynical when reporting on pregnant 16-year old Jamie Lynn Spears and her recent engagement to her 18-year old boyfriend. PEOPLE.com has reported that Jamie Lynn Spears is sporting a new engagement ring given to her by her 18-year old boyfriend, Casey Aldridge.  The world was shocked earlier this year when Jamie Lynn admitted to the world that she was pregnant; how could the prim and proper, younger sister of famous train-wreck, Britney Spears, be so irresponsible and get pregnant in the midst of a flourishing career?  Jamie Lynn is double, no wait, triple, irresponsible because not only did she get pregnant at 16, but she did it right in the middle of a flourishing career, and now she is adding to the mess by getting engaged to her teenage boyfriend.  Why add to the chaos of a teenage pregnancy by getting married


Please Heidi, No More Singing: Miss Honestee on “No More”

Heidi Montag, what do we say about poor little Heidi?  Before I delve into her new single “No More” and its “vibe”, let me just sum up Heidi.  First of all, after watching the Hills premiere last night, it is obvious that Heidi is morphing into the typical blonde haired Hollywood poser.  She has a new set of fake boobs, a nice new straight nose and her lips looks like they were plumped recently.  It is just so sad to see her milk her little fame she has gotten from the Hills, hoping now to  become a pop star.  If another reality star tries to go mainstream and make it big, I think Hollywood is going to explode.  The only thing I will give Heidi props on, is her assertion with Spencer.  She is actually voicing her needs and frustration pretty well with him.  She may not be able to stay strong against Hollywood‘s influence, but she is able to stay strong in her relationship.

So now about her new single, “No More“; it is definitely a step up from her last dreadful single, “Higher“, which was ripped apart by the music industry.  “No More” has the typical catchy pop sound, but the singing is so shallow and hollow.  I don’t think Heidi’s voice is capable of any range because her voice stays the same tone the entire song.  The lyrics express Heidi’s frustration over being treated poorly in a relationship, but her voice does not echo any pain or frustration; her voice is just empty.  The tone is not horrible, but it is just boring and has a mild trance feel.  Heidi’s songNo More” has no distinguishable qualities and is only mildly entertaining.

Do you agree with me?  Do you think her single is another trainwreck, or does it have some redeeming qualitites?


Is Nicole really 5 months pregnant?? March 23, 2008

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After I saw the pictures of Nicole Kidman at the Academy awards, I could have sworn she was not four months pregnant, because she was barely showing! But now TMZ.com agrees with me; they just released this photo stating that “Nicole does not look five months pregnant, but merely looks like she has gas!” So I am not the only one that thinks Nicole is a pregnancy phenomenon; at five months most woman looks like bloated whales, no offense ladies, but you know it’s true. But not Nicole, she just looks like she had a heavy lunch.

Maybe at month seven she will finally blow up and look like a normal pregnant woman…

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s Twin’s Debut!

Well Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez decided to cooperate with the media and actually release pictures of their new twins to People magazine instead of being constantly stalked by the paparazzi until pictures were captured. Max and Emma, born February 22, look exactly like Marc; considering Marc is definitely the less attractive half and Jennifer is gorgeous, it is unfortunate that the twins take after him in the looks department, but hopefully they will grow out of it. Either way, it is exacting to see what these celebrated newborns look like!

Awkward Performance by Brooke White on American Idol March 19, 2008

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So last week I had nothing but praise for Brooke White and her awesome performance of the Beatles hit, “Let it Be”. This week was a different story; She still is my favorite contestant, I still think she is as cute as button, but her performance on this week’s American Idol was horrendous! Brooke sang the Beatles hit “Here Comes the Sun” and it was awkward, awkward and awkward! She looked pretty in her flowing yellow dress, but between her non-rhythmic dancing and her lack of soul, it was just a shallow performance. We all know that Brooke can deliver soul and depth, because her performance last week delivered, so it was especially disappointing that she failed miserably this week. All the judges told her that her performance looked forced and uncomfortable, and Brooke, in her sweet fashion, said the criticism was okay because the judges have been so nice to her in the past. Brooke is so sweet, because even when the judges were criticizing her she was still gracious and down to earth. I really believe that if she wins the competition she would never take her celebrity for granted and would not let herself get caught up in the Hollywood “scene”. I still have faith that Brooke will pull through and dazzle us next week.

So do you agree with me? Do you think Brooke has what it takes to dominate American Idol?


“Bleeding Love” My new favorite song! March 18, 2008

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So Leona Lewis has already swept the UK with her album “Spirit”, winning awards, topping the charts and dazzling audiences with her heart wrenching single “Bleeding Love”. “Bleeding Love” is a gorgeous song that really captures the desperation love brings out in a person. Ladies, you really are going to relate to this song if you have ever had your sanity tested by being in love; waiting by the phone, thinking your life is going to end if he doesn’t call and enduring the constant criticism from those around you. Okay, so the song may be a tad dramatic, but I must admit that’s why I love it. I don’t know what that says about me….

Enjoy the agony, tell me what you think!